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Maddie Hicks and Alice Lassman on behalf of Orenda explain their journey on the Young Enterprise Company Programme, their experience of winning the UK Final and representing the UK in the JA Europe Final.

“ ‘Team Orenda!’ We jumped out of our seats wildly screaming. Some started crying, most of us trembling, all shaking our heads in disbelief. We stood there on stage half stifling a smile, sweating and bewildered, having no idea what had just happened. We were at the BFI, had just

More than 25,000 business-savvy young people from across the UK and Gibraltar entered the Company Programme to set up and run a business over the course of a year.14 businesses made it to the UK Company of the Year final which was presented by BBC Breakfast Presenter Steph McGovern, with

JA Europe’s ‘Company of the Year Competition’ brings together over 200 students from 36 European countries

Student-run Young Enterprise company Orenda won the ‘Citi Remarkable Customer Service Award’ at the 26th annual Company of the Year Competition (COYC) between 28 – 31 July. The students, from St Helen’s School in North London, impressed the Citi Signature Award jury with their strong attention to the customer experience. Orenda

From extreme shyness which was holding him back to battling the elements on a mountain expedition in Canada, Young Enterprise has been the catalyst to give Nahyan Islam the confidence to follow his dreams.  Nahyan Islam was awarded the National Journey Award at the Young Enterprise UK Company Final to


Michael Mercieca writes: “Productivity. It’s a word that strikes boredom into the heart of the majority of people. And I’ll grant you, it’s hard to get excited about a measure of input versus output value per worker, per hour. But it is a vital measure of how we’re doing as