This is where you will find a host of stories about many of the 3.8 million young people who have taken part in Young Enterprise since 1962.

By clicking on the green “read more” symbols you can also learn about the teachers who supported them, the network of  5,000 amazing volunteers and 3,500 far-sighted firms who helped them by donating their time, expertise and money.


The remarkable young people who have taken part in Young Enterprise programmes

Independent research shows that young people who take part in Young Enterprise are almost twice as likely to set up their own firm later in life. The companies they set up turn over more money, employ more people and are more resilient in a recession. Read some of their stories here:


They share a desire to pass their business experience to next generation.

Our volunteers have experience which cuts across every sector of the economy. They are in employment, entrepreneurs, stay at home parents, on a career break or retired. They have one thing in common. A desire to pass on their skills and experience of business to inspire the next generation.


Thousands of dedicated teachers in schools, colleges and universities

Research shows enterprise education inspires young people to become more employable - and better at core subjects. As a result, teachers are getting aboard. Young Enterprise works with tens of thousands of educators across 5,000 UK schools, colleges and universities to 'learn by doing.' In the process they acquire skills a purely academic curriculum could not offer.


Prominent figures throw their weight behind Young Enterprise

Many generous individuals support Young Enterprise by donating their expertise, by volunteering of donating cash. In return they get the satisfaction of making a real difference to the society they live in and safeguarding the future prosperity of the next generation.


Stories about some of the great companies who give Young Enterprise their backing

Many outstanding companies support Young Enterprise, often as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme. In return they get the satisfaction of seeing staff who volunteer developing their business skills and the knowledge that they are improving the skills and aptitudes of the workforce they may employ.


Meet the young entrepreneurs on our programmes

What is it like to be one of the young students actually taking part in one of Young Enterprise's renowned programmes? Here you can read about the experiences of the entrepreneurs of the future honing their business skills with Britain's biggest enterprise education charity.

International Women's Day

Meet the young women challenging the status quo

The qualities of entrepreneurship are increasingly recognised as a key source of employment creation and innovation to address inequalities. Read on to hear the stories of the young women taking on leadership roles with Young Enterprise and challenging the status quo.