Alumni case studies

Watch this video about just some of our alumni.

One million young people have taken part in Young Enterprise’s two main enterprise programmes since 1962, the Company Programme for sixth formers and the university level Start-up.

After the experience of setting up and running a real business for a year under the guidance of a volunteers from business they all emerge better equipped for the world of work. Many go on to outstanding careers as entrepreneurs, corporate executives and public figures.

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Luke Liddiard went from homeless teenager to company director in nine months thanks to the Young Enterprise programme.

18 year old Luke Liddiard from Chertsey in Surrey was made homeless after a family breakdown in October 2013. At the Young Enterprise Company UK Final on July 1st he was crowned winner of the first  National Journey Award having established his own successful carpentry business through the Company programme.

Changing language learning, from Young Enterprise to a high-growth start-up

YE Alumni, Alex Somervell explains his journey from taking part in Young Enterprise at school to launching a Kickstarter campaign which tripled its target to fund a book to help children learn foreign languages. I’m Alex, bilingual, and together with one of my best friends Jonny Pryn, monolingual, we were part of

Buckinghamshire Entrepreneur Launches Ethical Clothing Brand to Revolutionise Extreme Sports Industry

Greg Reeves, 23 from Buckinghamshire, quit his job as a Sales Executive after five years to establish Thump Clothing, an ethical and sustainable fashion brand targeting skiers and extreme sports enthusiasts. Thump Clothing insists on only using organic cotton, recycled polyester (plastic bottles) or Tencel (Cellulose fiber from wood) as

From the Start-Up Challenge to Dragons' Den

When a team from Liverpool John Moores University won our Start-Up Programme National Final in 2013, little did we all know that it was just the beginning of the incredible journey.   The students started the “Tea Box Company” in 2012 and undertook an amazing journey. After successfully starting and

Young Enterprise alumnus launches crowd funding campaign for his start-up

Alex McKeown participated in the Young Enterprise Company Programme three years ago and has since enjoyed great success with his start-up enterprise, Duothirst. Duothirst is looking forward to launching an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign in the coming weeks and the money raised through this will be used for production, general marketing and

Flash of inspiration set Daniel on the path to banking career

Pulling a tangled set of earphones out of your pocket might seem an unlikely trigger for someone launching a career in investment banking…but that’s what happened to Daniel White He had a flash of inspiration when he noticed all his school friends dragged ugly bundles of wire from their pockets

This Young Enterprise alumnus gained the skills and confidence to turn his hobby into a business

Owen Burek has been a keen web designer since the age of 12. He turned that talent into a successful enterprise by founding Save the Student! which has become the Number 1 student finance website in the UK. Owen’s journey into the business world began when he took on the

Taking charge of a jewellery company’s finances showed Ella Kemp that there was an alternative route to a glittering career

Ella Kemp (above, far right) was just starting her A Levels and considering her post-6th Form options when Young Enterprise opened up more doors that she previously knew were there. Ella, from Bartholomew School in Oxfordshire says: “I was the Finance Director of our Young Enterprise team Estrellamence. “This was a

Coming second to a dog bowl designing company made this alumnus hungrier than ever for success

Dan Strang was managing director of an eight-strong Young Enterprise team at Solihull School in 2005. It organised school discos and created programmes for local theatre productions – and even bought out the school tuck shop for several hundred pounds. But then they hit a humbling setback. “We won the

Colchester teenagers create their own record company featuring local Anglian artists

Panacea Records was a Young Enterprise company that took part in the 2011-12 Company of the Year Competition, aiming to give local artists from East Anglia a larger audience through its compilation album – Anglia Underground. They were a team of 25 Year 12 students from Colchester Royal Grammar School.