Research shows enterprise education helps young people become more employable, and better at core subject.

Young Enterprise works with thousands of educators across UK schools, colleges and universities to help their students ‘learn by doing.’ In the process they acquire skills a purely academic curriculum could not offer.


“The two students from my school have been keen entrepreneurs since Year 7, always looking for ideas to generate profits and be creative. The standard academic curriculum can be restrictive in allowing these entrepreneurial skills to flourish, as students focus on what is needed to answer exam questions etc. The Tenner challenge has given them an outlet to let their skills develop.” Teacher, Year 7, London
“It has been a great experience. There has been a ‘buzz’ around school over the last month. The students have fully engaged in the activities and I have seen a big change in some student’s attitude to school in general. I have been impressed with their innovation and how proactive they have been. Not only have they fully engaged in school but have engaged with the wider community too. Thanks for such a great opportunity.” Teacher, Year 9 & Year 12, Wales
“Young Enterprise is definitely a worthwhile experience for pupils. Our school is located in a deprived area and pupils gained confidence in themselves as they progressed through the year.” Teacher, Scotland
“The Fiver Challenge extended the children’s numeracy skills and provided them with some useful mathematical challenges after SATs were completed. From a PSHE perspective the children had to work in teams, often with other children they did not usually work with. We found the level of co-operation to be high. Behaviour was good in our ‘Fiver Factory’ as teams were creating items for a common purpose. The posters and leaflets we created offered some literacy challenges.” Teacher, Year 6, West Midlands


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