A network of 6,000 volunteers helps Young Enterprise create an exciting and enjoyable learning experience for 220,000 young people every year across the UK. They make a real difference to the lives and potential of young people in their areas by helping them to understand the world of business and prepare for their working lives. Here are just some of their stories:


If you want to be super-employable, join Young Enterprise

Creativity will be the essential ingredient of work in the future, says former Young Enterprise volunteer Gil Perkins. Here she explains the vital role the charity plays in stimulating the creativity of the rising generation, and offers some advice to budding business superstars on how to make the most of

The chance to pass on some of my business skills really appealed to me

The chance to be part of Young Enterprise where I could pass on some of my business skills and experiences really appealed to me. But there is a big leap between filling in the form and then standing outside your assigned school preparing to meet your charges for the first

At first it was a struggle - then it clicked for them!

  For more than 40 years Kath has specialised in business strategy and growth.  She has experience running a large local company with a £15m turnover, turning the business round in under a year into a profitable business with lean systems and showing 25% increase in profits. She started a

I volunteered to share my financial expertise

I have volunteered to share my expertise in personal finance and budgeting with local school children in Christchurch as part of the newly launched One Community: Prevention, Intervention, and Direction programme. The initiative has been developed by Young Enterprise, the UK’s foremost business and education not-for-profit organisation, and will see

Inspired to create educational toy business, Lorraine returned as a volunteer

“I’ve seen the benefit of Young Enterprise programmes personally, while at school.  I enjoyed it greatly, and it developed my character. I’m from a teaching background, and I love volunteering, as it’s a great opportunity to get back into the classroom! “I’ve received loads of personal satisfaction from positive feedback

Showing business is not all about men in suits

Leaving behind a successful career in television to pursue her dreams, Harkirn launched the HOX fashion label and boutique in January 2009. Setting up the business was going back to her roots and following her passion. Shortly after setting up the boutique, Hox was asked to become a judge at

How one Young Enterprise business mentor inspired disadvantaged teenagers

  Using the example of a blind woman who left school with one GCSE and set up her own successful business, Sue Priest helped a group of disenfranchised teenagers turn their lives around. As a Young Enterprise business mentor she helped them understand that people from any background can go

It also forced me get back to business basics

I saw helping Young Enterprise as an opportunity to go back to basics.  By talking about my company to students, I have to re-examine my own business fundamentals.  I thought that it could also help me make links with new customers, which has been the case. It has definitely boosted

Royal Mail executive delivers for young people

Although Royal Mail had agreed to support the Team Programme, I was keen to get involved personally, to experience the programme myself, and see what Royal Mail support went towards.  I also hoped it would encourage other staff to get involved.  It’s good to get outside of the workplace and

Inspiring the young generation to succeed

Volunteering at Webster Primary School in Moss Side was one of the most challenging but exciting things I’ve done for a very long time. I was part of a team of trainee solicitors who descended on the school to work alongside teachers to deliver the Young Enterprise Primary Programme. Our