Robot Revolution: The Impact of AI on Entrepreneurs & Job Prospects


Of all the technology trends reshaping the world of work, the rise of automation and AI is the most prominent. Recent research from PwC revealed that approximately 30% of UK jobs are susceptible to automation from robotics and AI by the early 2030s2. The report found that the likelihood of automation is highest in sectors such as transport, manufacturing, and wholesale and retail, and lower in education, health and social work.

A separate report from the Reform think tank suggested that the public sector could lose around 250,000 jobs in admin functions by replacing human beings with robots

So what do young people think about the rise of AI and do they feel it will help or hinder their ability to enter the world of work?

When asked about the impact of AI in the workplace, 76 per cent said they believed fewer jobs would be available due to the use of robots in the workplace. In contrast just 10 per cent said this trend would lead to more jobs and 14 per cent said there would be no noticeable change.