Youth Unemployment: A Gender Divide

In our youth unemployment report published in March, we highlighted the increasing problem of youth unemployment and the economic and social consequences it has for the UK.

This report goes further to provide fresh insights into the systemic challenges which prevent school leavers from securing employment and the shortfall of skills training and development within the national curriculum.

It is designed to provide solutions and practical recommendations to tackle the growing gender divide in both education and employment in the UK, and examines girls’ and boys’ school experience and future career expectations. It also reflects on the troubling inconsistencies around character training in school.

The findings revealed that young people strongly feel that they are not given enough opportunities for work experience and lack confidence to secure a job in an increasingly competitive market.

Currently women make up just 14.4 per cent of the UK’s science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) workforce. The findings in this report provide fresh insights into exactly why so many women feel they cannot enter a career in these vital industries and identifies the barriers that prevent them from doing so.

40 per cent of the young people surveyed think boys are more interested in STEM subjects, and 20 per cent of girls in this group believe that boys dominate classroom discussions.

Gender gap


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