Youth Unemployment: A Generation in Crisis

Youth unemployment is a blight on the lives of millions of young people across the UK, and brings with it serious financial and social implications for productivity and growth.

We commissioned a study to examine the challenges facing the next generation and preventing them from gaining the employment opportunities they deserve. The findings of this report are both startling and essential if we as a country are to address the crisis facing our young people.

The poll revealed some startling results. The majority of students aged 16-18 expect to wait at least a few months after finishing education before finding a job, with nearly a third expecting to wait over one year. The majority (90%) also believe employers expect too much of school leavers, including more qualifications and more work experience.

CORRECT do you think employers expect too much of school leavers


On the reasons why it’s difficult for this generation to find a job, half of this group cited more international competition for jobs. As the world becomes more interconnected, the world’s largest companies are no longer national firms but multinational corporations, and we are increasingly looking beyond our own country’s borders for employment opportunities. It is essential that the next generation is prepared for this level of competition.

Why do you believe it is harder for your generation to land a job than it was for your parents


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