North West Supporters

Passionate and inspired, our supporters tell why they come back yearly to work with Young Enterprise

"Seeing a noisy, disparate bunch transformed into a slick and disciplined team within months is awesome" - volunteer

People from all walks of life are involved in Young Enterprise North West, including teachers, business people, retirees and young executives looking for experience.

Whoever you are, and whatever you do, Young Enterprise can provide an opportunity for you to develop yourself, your company and help you to make a difference to young people locally.  Below, some of our supporters explain why they love working with us:


“Brother UK fully recognises the need for developing young talent to support future business needs. Young Enterprise helps to do this in a very practical sense, delivering programmes of real value. Jayne Broddle, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Brother UK


“Young Enterprise teaches skills for life. It offers young people a challenge and there are no bounds to the energy, creative thinking and drive they can bring to bear. Sometimes, business managers need to re-learn this principle and the Young Enterprise Company Programme provides that opportunity. Everybody wins.”
Allan Kenny, Logistics Director, Reebok International, Lancaster – Company Programme Adviser and Area Board Chair.


“I really enjoy the Young Enterprise sessions and always come away feeling inspired. The children are so enthusiastic they make every session a pleasure to run.”
Chris Futcher, Principal, West End Training, Chester – Primary Programme Volunteer.


“Volunteering as a Business Adviser has given me the opportunity to apply the business knowledge and experience I have acquired throughout my career in new areas. I have also developed training and coaching skills. Being part of the Young Enterprise programme has been both a valuable learning experience and it is hugely rewarding to see the students develop throughout the year.”
Richard Hough – CIS Ltd.


“To see a group of Year 10-Year 12 students transformed from a noisy, undisciplined and disparate bunch in September, into a slick, confident team routinely handling production of company reports and accounts, and giving high quality presentations before audiences of 100 or more in April, is something to behold. It’s the prime reason why volunteers such as, I return year after year to voluntarily support the programme.”
Tony Howard, Volunteer Business Advisor and Warrington Area Board, Board Member.