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Employers have often claimed that young people are not work ready when they leave education, and refer to attributes such as attitude, commitment and the ‘soft skills’ that employers look for when recruiting young people.

Our programmes are designed to develop these skills in young people and help them learn about the world of work and life skills in general.

Key skills identified by employers and endorsed by the CBI and Young Enterprise:

Communication                  Confidence

Financial capability            Initiative

Organisation                       Problem Solving

Resilience                            Team work

To help volunteers decide which programme might suit them best, we have produced this quick reference guide.

Quick Reference Programme Guide for Volunteers


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Employability, Empowerment & Enterprise (EEE)

  • Ages 14 or 17 / Year 9 or 12 / KS3 or KS5
  • 8 sessions

Introduced in Dorset in 2007, this innovative EEE programme aims to encourage young people to develop core employability and life skills and reach their full potential. The students may initially lack confidence and aspiration but through taking part they will learn what career opportunities are open to them and how to reach their new goals.

Students participate in schools over 8 structured sessions, where business and community volunteers deliver highly practical and enjoyable activity learning programmes, to inspire young people, raise aspiration, provide an insight into the world of work, improve employability skills and empower the students to take responsibility for their futures.

Session modules include:

  • Life styles, cost of living, budgeting, credit and debt,
  • Life in the workplace, insight into vocations, job roles, salary expectations, career paths,
  • Evidence based CV building, interview preparation
  • Personality types, employability, empowerment, life skills and the importance of good communication skills

Each student concludes the programme with a realistic mock interview with a recruitment interviewer, and sets short term and long term goals for the future.

EEE Mentor Volunteer Role Description

Company Programme

  • Ages 15 – 19 / Year 10 or 12 / KS4 or KS5
  • One academic year

Young Enterprise flagship Company Programme offers the ultimate enterprise experience. Young people start a real trading company and operate it over one academic year – generating a business idea, electing a board of directors, raising share capital and developing and selling their products or services. Along their business journey they will develop key employability and enterprise skills valuable for future work and life.

Each YE Company is supported by a volunteer business adviser. The main function of the adviser is to act as a mentor, encouraging and supporting the company members. Business advisers are a source of knowledge, a motivator, consultant and role model for the students.

Dorset Company Programme Business Adviser Volunteer Role Description

Route to Work Programme

  • Ages: 17 – 19 / KS5
  • Two years

The Young Enterprise Route to Work is a two-year programme for 6th Form students in Dorset.

In the 1st year, students participate in a Vision of Success event, featuring a Small Business Challenge, providing an exciting introduction to running a business, and exploring the soft skills that young people need to develop, to meet employers’ expectations when starting work.

Students have the opportunity to join Company Programme and run their own real business for one academic year.

In the 2nd year, there is a series of 4 half-day workshops, each providing a unique opportunity for students to work alongside business volunteers, to learn about life in the work place, discover career paths and opportunities, to maximise their chance of securing their preferred vocational destination.

This programme is provided for students who would benefit from interaction with business people, to learn more about their career options after education; to improve communication skills, build confidence and understanding for the next stage in their lives, and who want to get noticed when applying for jobs.

Route to Work Mentor Volunteer Role Description

Master Class & Short Programmes

A range of half-day or one-day programmes, led by a Young Enterprise staff member, working with volunteers to guide students in secondary school education, through professionally produced resources.

The programmes are designed to raise aspiration, improve employability skills and empower them to take responsibility for their futures.

Business and community volunteers deliver highly practical and enjoyable activity learning programmes, to inspire young people and help prepare them for the workplace, by developing life skills and providing an insight into the world of work.

Session modules may include:

  • Vision of Success
  • One Community
  • Learn to Earn
  • Personal Economics
  • Our Business
  • Launchpad
  • Enterprise Masterclass

Students will learn about:

  • life styles, cost of living, budgeting, credit and debt
  • life in the workplace, insight into vocations, job roles, salary expectations, career paths
  • evidence based CV building, interview preparation, mock interviews
  • personality types, employability, empowerment, life skills, importance of good communication skills, enterprise and small business challenge.

Each volunteer will work with a small group of students generally between 6–10, to facilitate the programme, lead their group as instructed by a YE staff member, and act as a mentor by encouraging and supporting the students.


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There are many ways of supporting Young Enterprise in Dorset as a volunteer, business, networker, parent, friend, Board member, teacher or governor.

Please take a look and discover how you can help our young people prepare for the world of work.

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