Financial Education for Young People APPG Inquiry

The Financial Education APPG have now launched a new inquiry which will explore the barriers facing schools as they deliver financial education or consider offering this provision.

Across the UK, too many young people continue to leave full-time education without the knowledge, attitudes and skills to manage their money effectively. Financial education in schools, are a key channel through which we can ensure financially capable individuals, but we know there is a mixed picture in relation to both the level and quality of provision on offer.

This inquiry seeks to identify the main challenges confronting teachers and schools as they deliver financial education and will attempt to unpick some of these barriers and offer a series of solutions to address them. A particular area of focus for this inquiry will be whether any barriers vary across different schools and if certain contexts and settings require unique solutions or additional support.

We invite stakeholders to share their views on the challenges and solutions facing schools in this crucial area and invite organisations to contribute to our call for evidence which can be viewed here

For more information on this inquiry please contact

Vanessa O'Donnell

Policy and Public Affairs Manager Secretariat to the Financial Education APPG

The inquiry call for evidence will be open until Friday 10th June. This will be followed by a Parliamentary oral evidence session in July, where a panel of MPs will explore some of the key themes with a series of stakeholders.

In addition to the call for evidence, this inquiry will also give a voice to those on the frontline of these issues, by directly asking primary and secondary teachers across the UK what they consider to be the vital ingredients needed to deliver financial education well.
This inquiry will culminate in a report which will be launched in Parliament in September. Further details of this event are to follow.

To contribute to the inquiry call for evidence, please send your submission to [email protected] by Friday 10th June 2022.