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Why should businesses be interested in education?

The education system in the United Kingdom is letting down employers. The focus is consistently on inputs and outputs, whereas we know that the outcome is not fit for purpose; which is why businesses must become interested in education. I know that, because I read an increasing number of articles espousing employers dissatisfaction with the preparation of our young people to become employees.

In October 2011, a survey commissioned by the Young Enterprise charity found that 75% of employers were not satisfied with the skills of young people applying for jobs. Also in that month the CBI produced a report ‘Action For Jobs – How To Get The UK Working’ and stated, “Businesses told us that, at the moment, a lot of young people have little grasp of what a job really requires of them and how to approach the world of work. This is not their fault – the advice school-leavers received was outdated, unpersuasive and, sometimes, just plain wrong.” Read full story.