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A new chapter for British Business


When the word business is thrown around, you’d be forgiven for immediately picturing the lavish board rooms and glass fronted office buildings which distinguish the corporate world. Today though, despite the important position of FTSE100 companies, SMEs make up the back bone of our economy. For those unfamiliar to the jargon of business, SME stands for small and medium enterprise and refers to the 1000’s of often single employee ventures operating across the country.

As the eventual successors to our current workforce, young entrepreneurs are worth their weight in gold and as we head for a triple dip recession, the creativity, innovation and dedication of our young entrepreneurs is essential. Based on the statistics, this future generation of entrepreneurs will be at the helm of many British SMEs in a matter of years.

This home truth is recognised by several organisations including ‘Young Enterprise’ who aim to ‘inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise’. Working across the county, the charity works with more than 5000 schools and claims to help 220,000 young people to learn about business each year.

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