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Triumph for Team Prime at Spitalfields

Every academic year, teams of budding entrepreneurs all across the UK battle it out to earn a place in the Young Enterprise European Final and so far this year, Team Prime from Tiffin Girls’ School are well on the way to achieving this.

Prime is a Kingston based Young Enterprise company from the Tiffin Girls’ School, established in 2012. Their innovative product is a silicon speaker device, named the ‘The Gramophone,’ with sizes available for iPads and iPhones in an array of fresh, bright colours.

The quirky design is based on the aesthetics of the traditional gramophone and similarly, amplifies sound with physics alone – no batteries required! This feature is what truly pushes the boundaries of modern technology as it complies with the company’s aims of ‘enhancing new technologies without negatively affecting our environment.’

There is no doubt the company have an excellent product and their recent success at the Croydon and Old Spitalfields Market trade fairs are proof of this. On the 13th February, team prime ventured out to their first trade fair of the year at Old Spitalfields Market. Read full story