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Young Enterprise students compete at Market Row Trade Fair, Nottingham

Young Enterprise students are to join a 700 year-old tradition on Thursday 28th February at the Market Square in Smith Row, Nottingham.

Students on the charity’s flagship Company Programme from 13 schools across Nottingham will pitch stalls and trade their products and services at the fair. The Sheriff of Nottingham will open the fair at 10am with Mich Stevenson OBE, a Nottingham businessman and Chair of Creative Quarter, who in 2008 was made honorary freeman of the City.

David Perkins, Young Enterprise Area Board Vice-Chair said: “Products at the fair differ year by year. Some like to keep their Market Day product a secret, whilst others continue with the products they’ve been selling all year.

“This year, I anticipate uniquely patterened T-shirts, clocks, handcrafted jewellery, ties, watches, and there’s always a surprise item. We had bird nesting boxes a few years ago.”

The fair will be open from 9am to 4pm, with 250 students selling their products.

The Nottingham students have attended two business training sessions at Nottingham Trent University, presented by the Young Enterprise Area Board.

All the students pitching their products at the Market Square are taking part in Young Enterprise’s flagship Company Programme. Aimed at students aged between 15 and 19, the programme gives them the chance to set up and run their own company for a year, under the guidance of a skilled business mentor.

The students elect a board of directors from amongst their peers, raise share capital and market and finance a product or service that they create. During an intense 12-month period they trade at shopping centres and markets in their regions.

At the end of the year, teams take part in the HSBC Company of the Year competition, culminating in the the prestigious national UK final and a tense showdown with 33 other nations at the European final.

Young Enterprise in Nottingham is grateful for the sterling support of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter and for its local partnership with the Creative Quarter. The Creative Quarter is an exciting new initiative driven by Nottingham City Council to support the city’s entrepreneurs and new develop new business opportunities in the City.

Young Enterprise is the UK’s largest business and enterprise education charity. Every year we help 225,000 young people learn about business and the world of work in 5,000 schools, colleges and universities under the guidance of volunteers from 3,500 companies.


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