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Save a Lost Generation campaign launched in Bristol to tackle youth unemployment

A campaign has been launched in Bristol to tackle youth unemployment, after the city was highlighted as one of the UK’s worst affected areas.

Young Enterprise want bosses donate time, money or expertise to give youngsters in Bristol the practical skills and knowledge they need to get into work and help reduce the one million 16 to 24 year olds currently out of work.

Michael Mercieca, Young Enterprise Chief Executive, says, “We are launching this campaign because we sense there is a deep and growing concern for the future of young people in Britain today and we recognise Bristol as a key area. If nothing is done we are facing a real danger that a whole generation of young people in Bristol will be out of work. We must act now to equip young people with the skills that will help them gain meaningful employment or create their own businesses to stop what could be a devastating future for this city. We want to help talented individuals in Bristol create opportunities for themselves and others.”

Charlie Stockford, Managing Director of Bristol based employer SustainIt, says: “At a young age both my teachers and I realised education wasn’t for me and I was politely asked to leave school. I went onto secretarial college and moved to London to work with a publishing company. It was then I spotted an opportunity to establish my first business, a secretarial bureau and I haven’t looked back since. Read full story