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Enjoy cappuccino with a conscience

Pop to your local coffee shop and on top of the disposable cup you’ll doubtlessly also discard the cardboard wrapper that keeps you from burning your hands. Now enterprising students at a Derbyshire school have invented a stylish yet functional, reusable ‘coffee cosy’.

Ten green thinking Year 12 students at Ockbrook School in the village of Ockbrook came up with the idea as part of the Young Enterprise Company Programme. The reusable coffee cosy combines practicality and fashion with clear statement about the value of our environment.

Sixteen year old Year 12 student Lakshmi Shajpal is Joint Managing Director of Buttons, Ockbrook School’s Young Enterprise team: “As a team we are strongly influenced by ‘green’ themes. Our latest product innovation and something of which we’re particularly proud, is the ‘Coffee Cosy’. It’s an innovative alternative to the cardboard coffee collars which you often get when buying a hot drink to take out.

“As a company we strive to make as little impact on the environment as possible and the coffee cosy has the potential to reduce the thousands of coffee collars thrown away every day. It is well insulated and because it’s washable it can be used again and again. We’ve got four funky patterns to choose from, plus our company’s trade mark ‘button’ is in pride of place on each, making the coffee cosy a wonderful gift for caffeine fiends with a conscience!”

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