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Young Entrepreneurs Deutsche Bank Area Finals kick off in Liverpool


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The Area Finals for Deutsche Bank’s Young Entrepreneurs programme got off to a resounding start on Wednesday 13th March with the Liverpool finals.

Five schools out of 15 made it to the finals, with the overall winner bagging a golden ticket to the UK Finals in London in April.
Rupert Yeoward from Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management said: “We’ve seen here today five very very passionate and enthusiastic teams who’ve set up their own businesses.

“They’ve all made a profit, which is a good start. But it’s been the enthusiasm, determination and the skills they individually had to bring in terms of teamwork that has most impressed me.

“Anyone that has sat here today will get a real sense of the sheer excitement of what these children have achieved and are doing.”

The overall winners were the team from All Saints Catholic Centre for Learning, from Kirby. The team set up a Sublimation Printing Company offering high quality personalised printing services for gifts, events and corporate needs.

liverpool winners

Winners: All Saints

Judges said the team stood out because they created a sustainable business model, gave an impassioned business presentation and the whole team of six girls and one boy knew all of the business.

Deutsche Bank mediumThe team were thrilled to win, and said: “We just want to show that even though we’re only 13 or 14 years old, and we haven’t had the experience that others have had, we can still win this.

“Even though Kirby may be considered a deprived area we want to show we can still win this, and we want to show what we’re made of. Coming to London for the final tops everything off.”

The team are looking to expand their product range into other promotional merchandise such as leavers hoodies and personalised photo mugs.

The team said: “When we got to the first meeting we were just lost. Now we’ve got the experience, we know what it’s all about and we’ve got the confidence to go out into the world and do it for ourselves.

“Look out London!”

Rupert added: “Let’s hope this leads on to success in their own lives, whether they go on to work for a big company like Deutsche Bank, or perhaps go and set up individual businesses and become an entrepreneur.

“I would suggest probably 20-25% more are thinking about being an entrepreneur. And that is success in terms of what it can potentially do for the children, for their careers and ultimately for the UK economy.”

The Young Entrepreneurs programme is also running in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and London, with the UK Final being held in London in April. The winning team from each area will compete at the national final to be crowned Best Team.

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