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Enterprising students’ venture backed by National Literacy Trust

Enterprising students from Prior Pursglove College in Guisborough have developed an interactive new board game that they hope to sell to local schools and progress through a national enterprise competition following the backing of the National Literacy Trust.

Going by the name of ‘SkillzVenture’, the project has been set up for the Young Enterprise scheme. It is run by a total of 14 students, all from Prior Pursglove College, who are currently studying full time. The enterprise activities are balanced around their A-level courses and exams and each of the students involved have been assigned a role in the company.

The students’ board game concentrates on the Key Stage 2 curriculum and initially around English and Mathematics. Children can pick a character to play as such as Max Multiply, Diva Divide or Vincent Vocabulary; each character has been created specifically by the College students and it’s hoped children will identify with a character that is most like them.


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