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What I have learnt from the Young Enterprise project

Teamwork is the only method to maximise the potential of our Young Enterprise team. We create the best output only if we work with each other. Every team member in our group stayed in the same boarding house. It became our advantage as it gave us more opportunities to build up strong team spirit through continous communication.

Apart from the meeting with the business adviser on Mondays, we had meetings regularly after school or during supper. All our members were closely bonded as a team. Every member in our team were equally important and every opinion gave us more inspiration.

To get things done, a clear leadership and cooperation must be practiced. We had minutes to record the progress in every meeting. Managing director would assign works and deadline to different departments which ensured our high efficiency. The advancement of technology had also fostered the communication between us. We uploaded brief minutes and deadlines to remind members on the facebook group and Whatsapp chatroom of Papelet. A close relationship between us was the greatest advantage we had. As the managing director of the group, I am glad to have a group like that.


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