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Kandula Tea’s award for overcoming adversity!

The Kandula Tea Company is proud to have sponsored an award for the third year running for the finals of the Norfolk area AVIVA / Young Enterprise Business Awards.

There was stiff completion from 11 schools this year and it always amazes us how confident these young people are in giving a presentation about their successes and woes of forming a company, creating a product or service, bringing it to market and in the majority of cases making a profit.  All of this during their first 6 months of a new term, with the help of link teachers and volunteers.

Our award for Overcoming Adversity was won by Thorpe St Andrew School and their company Bright Knight.  Against all odds one lone member remained dedicated to carry through the commitment he made last year to present his school at tonight’s finals.  Whilst there are so many skills required in building a business, one important side is learning how to overcome problems as and when they arise and in this instance, he certainly gained huge experience in this area.


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