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It’s never too early to start a career

UNEMPLOYMENT is still a major concern for Britain. Graduates are battling to find work, especially jobs at graduate level. For the relative few that have landed jobs commensurate with their education, you have to ask, what was it that made them stand out from the crowd?

Just the job: Only a lucky few get shortlisted by companies, as competition is intense. A major problem for many graduates is that they emerge from higher education with a good degree, and maybe some part-time work experience. But when it comes to applying for a job, they’re up against hundreds of graduates with a similar CV.The lucky few that get shortlisted are more likely to be those people that started their career many years before.

In addition to the shortage of jobs, employers are complaining that many graduates lack basic work-based skills and are unable to fulfil basic responsibilities.

The skills acquired through taking part in extra-curricular activities at school cannot be sniffed at. There are a number of well-established organisations which work in schools to help develop these skills. One of these organisations is Nottingham Young Enterprise, which forms part of a national charity which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

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