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Vince Cable reveals £50,000 additional backing to get enterprise into schools

The registration deadline for Britain’s biggest nationwide enterprise competition for young teenagers, the Tenner competition, has just been extended to April 22nd.

Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable was so impressed with the scheme designed to help young people make a difference with £10 by taking a month to turn it into as much profit as possible – he’s put £50,000 extra into the pot.

So far well over 18,000 students from all over the country have signed up to receive a £10 note from Young Enterprise, the country’s largest enterprise education charity that is running the competition this year. The Government’s generous contribution will allow 5,000 more young people to take part in the competition which runs throughout the month of May.

Ministers have shown their support and made the contribution to the “Tenner Bank” because the Government wants to transform the ambitions and aspirations of young people by giving them the chance to experience real business.

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