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Gateley’s Solicitors Team Challenge day at Webster Primary School Manchester

Gateley Solicitors Team Challenge at Webster Primary School

On the 22nd March 2013 a team of 21 Solicitors from the national law firm Gateley were out in the community supporting their local school, Webster Primary.

Webster Primary School is a hugely diverse primary school in the heart of the Moss Side and Hulme areas. A very popular school which is continually growing, it works hard to support community cohesion and events such as the Young Enterprise day last month. Activities such as these help them support their international students and the poverty some of them face.

For these reasons the school and staff need to work incredibly hard to build the children’s knowledge of routes into further and higher education and the jobs market, and guide their choices and aspirations. Many children were dressed especially for the occasion arriving at school as a nurse, doctor, fireman, princess or designer!

Many children are unsure of the opportunities available close to home and so when the year 4’s experienced the Our City programme delivered by Fran, Heather and Emma from Gateley they got a great insight into Manchester as a city and the opportunities and facilities it has to offer.

Teaching the children to aspire to achieve is imperative and so discussing different jobs and topics such as import and export (Our World; Year 6) and paying taxes (Our Communit; Year 3) gets them thinking about where their skills can take them and the sort of people and products involved in these areas and why.

As the Young Enterprise day is delivered by the young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Solicitors and Trainees from Gateley the children were enthused to complete the programmes that they would not ordinarily be able to take part in. The day also gives them something to refer back to when talking about aspirations.

The teachers from the Year 1 sessions said: “The children enjoyed learning today and particularly working on their own journals. The Our Families programmes gets the younger children thinking about what their families do for work, how they earn a living and why they need to do this.

“They also consider prioritising money and start thinking about the sort of  bills that need to be paid to be able to live. All very realistic but delivered by the Gateley Team in a fun interactive way.”

This is the third year some of the children and solicitors have been involved in this day and the journey the children have been on always has a genuine impact.