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It’s time to help young people Take Charge of their money

A group of charities have announced plans to work together to help young people become financially capable, enterprising and employable, explains guest blogger David Frost CBE.

More and more young people are worrying about money – and who can blame them?

Whether trying to find a job, manage their personal finances or even just make ends meet, today’s younger generations face a difficult and uncertain future. Youth unemployment has risen again, with 993,000 16- to 24-year-olds out of work in the three months to January.

Rising rents, transport costs and worries of student debt repayments are never far from the news. We simply cannot accept this as the new status quo.

That’s why this week a group of 20 charities launched Take Charge, a new movement designed to help tackle some of these complex social challenges. Our aim is simple – to engage, empower and enable children and young people to take charge of their money, life and opportunities.

Fortunately, a great many charities working in financial education and enterprise education are already achieving real results in these areas. Last year financial education charity pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group) saw an opportunity to harness the collective strength, knowledge and experience of these charities in a single movement. Take Charge is the result, made possible by funding from Standard Life.

So far 20 charities have signed up to become Take Charge partners, including the Prince’s Trust, Young Enterprise, UK Youth Parliament and many others.

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