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Planting the seeds of food education in Hertford

SCHOOL children will give a Hertford supermarket a run for its money when they grow their own produce to sell outside the store.

Waitrose, which has a branch in Bircherley Green Shopping Centre, has launched a national Grow and Sell initiative, whereby pupils are given fruit and vegetable seeds to grow for themselves and ultimately sell to customers.

The store’s personnel manager Anne Franklin said: “I think this will be ongoing and not just a one-off event.

“It’s to encourage healthy eating.

“If you are hands on and see where it all comes from and help grow it, it gives you more inspiration.

“I would say it would inspire the children.

“The whole idea is that they grow it and can use it in their dining room and can sell what they grow outside the shop.

“The money they make from it will go to their school.

“We also do volunteering at Waitrose so if they need any help in sorting things out, we’ve got people who can go along and help the children with the gardening.”

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