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Minister seeks food shortage help from Norwich students

FoodSafeA group of teenage entrepreneurs have secured meetings with a government minister and a senior Tesco executive to discuss how a mobile phone app they developed could help cut the amount of food that shoppers waste.

The 14 lower sixth form students at Norwich School came up with their Food Safe app after they formed a company as part of the Young Enterprise scheme, which encourages students to learn about the world of business first-hand.

The app was the brainwave of managing director Rob Youngs, who said: “For the first six weeks we struggled to come up with a company name, never mind a product. We wanted to identify a problem and come up with a solution.

“The problem we came up with was food wastage, because there were quite a lot of statistics being broadcast at the time. I had the idea at home that many people were using phones and apps and if we could incorporate that we would be on to a winner. A lot of people open a pack of food and eat some of it and then can’t remember when they opened it, and some people who give it a sniff say ‘I’m not willing to risk food poisoning’, and throw it away.”


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