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Tenner founder Oli Barrett is made an MBE


The man who invented the fabulous Tenner competition, has been made an MBE

Oli Barrett, 35, who dropped out of two university courses but went on to become a successful entrepreneur is recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

He came up with the idea for the Tenner scheme, which sees children try to make a profit from £10, after being inspired by a local vicar who handed cash to his parishioners and challenged them to make  money for the church.

Mr Barrett, who went to school in Reading before unsuccessful spells at Edinburgh and Leeds universities, said: “I came home a few weeks ago and found an envelope sealed with sellotape which aroused my excitement.

“It’s come as a complete surprise.”

He said his £10 challenge, currently run by education charity Young Enterprise, has been taken on by more than 100,000 school children, with the money returned if a profit is made.

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