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Want to create a more entrepreneurial society?

What happens in schools determines to a large extent what happens in people’s lives. Schools are where our world views are constructed, where we learn what is possible and what is not, where we develop the competencies needed to fulfil our life ambitions.

The task of creating a more entrepreneurial society therefore naturally starts here. Indeed, it’s the reason why so many enterprise support organisations operate in the education sector. MyBnk, Enabling Enterprise, Gazelle, Young Enterprise – all of these plough serious efforts into promoting entrepreneurship in schools up and down the country.

I was surprised then to hear at an event I recently attended that nobody at all in the Department for Education has a remit to work on this issue. I had already heard from a civil servant at BIS that DfE had other priorities, yet still this is very surprising. Not least because No 10 has worked so hard to put business and enterprise at the centre of its policy agenda.

It’s no coincidence that David Cameron chose the theme of ‘aspiration nation’ for his speech at last year’s Conservative Party conference.

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