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Gibraltar’s first tourist app – from Young Enterprise

Key2Gib, Gibraltar’s first tourist app has been launched by the company Develop I.T. with support from the Government.

The app was setup originally by a group of students for the Young Enterprise Competition 2012, five of those students carried on and together with three other directors; they formed a limited company and took Key2Gib to another level.

Key2Gib is a free App, which aims to assist visitors to Gibraltar with sections called ‘What to See’, ‘What to Eat’, ‘Things to do’, ‘Getting Married’, ‘doing business’ to name a few.

“The App is an extensive guide of all things Gibraltar, with the inclusion of tourist hotspots, top restaurants and a great range of activities available on the Rock. With Geo-Tag options giving direct routes and directions to and from all of the most popular tourist locations, Key2Gib is dedicated to making trips around Gibraltar easy and smooth for all visitors,” said a spokesman for the company.

In addition, users can avail of the messaging option where they can share their experiences about their trip to Gibraltar with each other and give feedback on Key2Gib,

Key2Gib also has a section that provides information on flights to and from Gibraltar International Airport, live radio streams and up to date bus routes.

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