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Interview with Rachel Matthews, winner of Young Enterprise’s Highest Profit and Most Inspiring Individual Awards

At Cause4 we love a good example of innovative fundraising, which is why we noted the fantastic fundraising efforts of Rachel Matthews for RNLI.

Rachel took part on the Young Enterprise’s ‘Tenner Challenge’, which gives fundraisers one month to make as much money as possible from a £10 start-up fund. Rachel used eBay for Charity to auction piano performances via Skype.

It was this inventive use of the digital arena for her fundraising that caught our attention. Having raised £1440.71 and being awarded both the ‘Highest Profit’ and the ‘Most Inspiring Individual’ awards for her age group, Rachel (and RNLI) had a very successful month.
Now that the month is up, we caught up with her to ask about her experience:

What inspired you to undertake this fundraising effort?

I was invited by my school to take part in Young Enterprise’s ‘Tenner Challenge’, where you have a month to make as much money as you can from a £10 start-up fund. I wanted to create a social enterprise that generated interest and enjoyment in music, whilst raising awareness and money for the RNLI. I decided to play the piano and donate all the money raised from my performances to the RNLI, a charity I support because of the amazing work it does saving lives at sea.

Did you have any experience in fundraising?

I have never undertaken any fundraising before, so I was a bit daunted at the start of my project. I have never sought money for my performances before, so it was a challenge to convince myself and others that I was worth paying for.

Why did you choose to utilise digital fundraising?

I wanted to promote my project to as many people as possible, not just the audiences I physically played to. I decided to make use of online social media and website articles to generate lots of interest by accessing a wider audience.

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