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90 per cent say enterprise education should be compulsory in schools

We asked Enterprise Nation readers the question: Should enterprise education be introduced to the National Curriculum?  90 per cent of more than 200 voters said ‘Yes’.

Clearly – among businesses, at least, there’s a strong appetite to see business skills and entrepreneurship become a part of every child’s education – or at least a developed option that could perhaps be run as an optional GCSE or A-level.

But how practical is it to make enterprise a National Curriculum subject? Is there any evidence that learning about enterprise at school actually increases the desire among young people to start their own business; or that it encourages them to take a more entrepreneurial attitude into the world of employment?

Is it feasible to make enterprise education part of the National Curriculum?

At present, enterprise education is recommended, rather than required. Successive governments have promoted the idea of teaching business skills to young people and the increasing number of schools being turned into specialist academies opens the door for greater involvement of business in education.

On top of this, there are a large number of organisations that work with schools on enterprise initiatives, such as enterprise days and extra-curricular activities for pupils. However, Enterprise Education remains a largely voluntary activity, the practice of which is dependent on the choices made by individual schools and their commitment to carrying it out.

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