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Young entrepreneurs build skills in housing challenge

A TEAM from Wells Blue School took part in the county’s largest Entrepreneurship Masterclass.

They were joined by pupils from five other schools as they faced a series of challenges based around the housing sector.

The event at Taunton’s Victoria House was hosted by property company Summerfield Developments, education charity Young Enterprise and Bishop Fox’s School in Taunton.

The teams of 14 and 15-year-olds were given a site plan and aerial photograph of a real housing development in the South West, scale drawings of various properties and a brief that would see them looking at planning issues and development, as well as sales and marketing of their site.

Chris Winter, Summerfield’s managing director, who hosted and participated in the event, said: “There have been some fantastic ideas and creativity from the students involved and I’m sure that everyone has taken something valuable away as a result of the day; I certainly have, particularly in relation to the importance of environmental aspects of development and modern marketing tactics that are important to home buyers of the future.

“Special thanks to the students for their incredible enthusiasm and professionalism, they have done their schools and Summerfield proud.”

The children had their teachers on hand throughout the day, plus several experts were on hand to provide advice and judge including Nigel Pearce, a chartered architect from Pearce Practice; Tim Holden, the planning expert from White Young Green; and David White, the property advisor from Hatfield White.

The event culminated with team presentations, with the students outlining their proposed new housing development.

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