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Surge of cross-party support for Young Enterprise as Wembley European finals approach

Politicians back JA-YE as event celebrates teen enterprise and debates youth employment crisis

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  • Senior political leaders back a major expansion of enterprise education to tackle “scandalous” levels of youth unemployment.

  • Lawmakers support spreading Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise model to raise youth aspirations, boost incomes and foster the culture of business ownership.

  • As we gather to celebrate youth enterprise and Global Leaders Forum debates youth unemployment, a range of United Kingdom MPs from across the political spectrum offer their views on our work.

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ed miliband

Ed Miliband

“My priority is to get Britain growing again and to rebuild our economy, and that means laying strong foundations for a culture of economic success in the future. That is why the work that Young Enterprise do is tremendously valuable. Not just for the children and young people who benefit by building skills and confidence, but for the schools and businesses involved and ultimately for all of us in preparing our young people for positive futures as they enter the working world.”

Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition



Tim Loughton

“The Global Leaders Forum is an excellent opportunity for business leaders to come together and tackle the critical issue of youth unemployment facing our children’s generation. Youth enterprise programmes like those offered by Young Enterprise play a vital role in schools across the UK and I am fully supportive of this initiative which allows thousands of young people to benefit enormously from engaging with employers early on.”

Tim Loughton Conservative, MP for East Worthing & Shoreham



Lisa Nandy

“Events like the Global Leaders Forum are very much welcome. We all need to be working together to be finding practical solutions to the crisis in Youth unemployment. If we don’t, we let down a whole generation of young people. Youth enterprise schemes can and do make an important contribution in helping prepare young people for the world of work by building skills and confidence and providing a way of schools and business to work together to support our young people and their futures.”

Lisa Nandy, Labour, Shadow Children’s Minister



richard harrington

Richard Harrington

“I am a huge fan of Young Enterprise. The work they do with businesses and young people across the country is hugely positive and I have been lucky enough to see this in action, meeting many of the Young Enterprise teams in my Watford constituency. YE has a real impact in developing the people skills and attitudes young people need to understand business and succeed in the workplace and I would encourage all young people to get involved. When businesses say they are finding it hard to find candidates with the right skills and attitudes youth enterprise schemes have a significant role to play and I can’t commend them highly enough given the results I have seen firsthand.”

Richard Harrington, Conservative, MP for Watford


Stephen Timms

“I have long been an admirer of Young Enterprise. Providing young people with the skills and confidence to succeed in work is good for them, and good for business and society too. Young Enterprise is makinga very important contribution to building a brighter future for young people, and for all of us.”

Stephen Timms MP, Labour, former Financial Secretary to the Treasury



Nahdim Zahawi

Nahdim Zahawi

“Young Enterprise is a scheme I full heartedly support, both in my own constituency and nationally. When I talk to so many of today’s young entrepreneurs YE was their first exposure to what it takes to start and run a business and gave them the inspiration and skills to go for it themselves when they left school, college or university.”

Nahdim Zahawi, Conservative MP for Stratford-Upon-Avon.





Chuka Umunna

‘The programmes offered by Young Enterprise to a quarter of a million children in thousands of schools every year are hugely valuable, both to the students involved and to wider society. Not only do they create an understanding of enterprise, they can help provide young people with the life skills, confidence and knowledge they need to succeed in the world of work.

Chuka Umunna, Labour, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills


mark durkan

Mark Durkan

“When youth unemployment has reached such a crisis point it’s vital that conversations like those taking place at the Global Leaders Forum happen. Giving young people skills and also the confidence to get involved in enterprise have to be part of the solution.

“I know from all I have seen of Young Enterprise locally and regionally that it is playing a really valuable role in supporting children and young people across our schools and winning positive engagement from business.”

Mark Durkan SDLP, MP for Foyle, Northern Ireland


david lammy

David Lammy

“As someone who benefitted hugely from YE’s programme as a young man I know what a positive impact youth enterprise programmes like these can play in building skills and confidence to support young people to succeed in the world of work. At a time of real crisis in youth unemployment, organisations like YE have an important role to play in making sure we skill our young people for successful futures.

“This forum provides an important opportunity to explore that role.”

David Lammy, Labour, MP for Tottenham.



lord adonis

Lord Adonis

‘We all have a duty to do what we can to address the crisis in youth unemployment, so the Global Leaders Forum provides an important opportunity to debate what businesses and educators can do by working together to support our young people through youth enterprise programmes.

“Without practical solutions we face a lost generation which could scar Britain for decades to come. The work Young Enterprise is doing to highlight this is very welcome’.

Lord Andrew Adonis, Labour, former Schools Minister



adam afriyie

Adam Afriyie

“Young Enterprise is a great organisation. It allows schoolchildren to set up a real business. I think it is really important because one of the great ways you can get control of your life is actually if you do start a business. Young Enterprise is spread across the country and they are a charitable organisation too so it’s not costing the Government any money. I think the wider they can promote their services the better.”

Adam Afriyie, Conservative, MP for Windsor.