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Fostering an Entrepreneurial Attitude with Young Enterprise

In a time of high youth unemployment school leavers need to know how to present themselves persuasively to prospective employers in the job market. Too often, they let themselves down through lack of interview technique, the wrong body language and an inability to muster their strengths in front of an interviewer…

Johnson Matthey joined forces with the youth charity, Young Enterprise, for a business day at a local school in February 2013. Twelve employees from the Royston site, representing different functions and businesses, volunteered to help school students in Year 9 of the Meridian School to understand the world of work and what recruitment is all about.

Interview and People Skills

The programme for the day was diverse. One of the first activities was a mock job interview. The students and Johnson Matthey personnel were handed a card, telling them whether they were to take the role of employer or applicant. By allowing the students experience of either or both roles, the young people gained insight into what will be expected of them in job interviews of the future. They were reminded of the importance of body language and making friendly eye contact with the other person, and how extra curricular activities and part time jobs provide a wealth of skills an employer wants to hear about.

Students also took a personality test which helped them understand their own aptitudes – a vital step in identifying the right kind of job and giving their best to an employer.

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