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Lancashire’s young people take their first steps in business

Lancashire County Council is encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The council has given £1,500 towards the Young Enterprise scheme, a not-for-profit organisation which will give the chance for up to 70 students in year 10 the chance to run their own mini-business.

Young Enterprise provides students with valuable experience and skills such as decision making, teamwork and problem solving. They look after a business bank account, develop and sell their own product lines – with the chance of generating real profits. Students are mentored by a local business person who volunteers to help them during the year-long program.

This new funding to support the scheme is from the county council’s Champion for Young People, County Councillor Kim Snape.

She said: “The county council’s funding will encourage secondary schools in Lancashire, which haven’t previously taken part, to join the scheme.”


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