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Young Enterprise dedicated to finding Croydon’s future business stars

Blurry-eyed teenagers brave the cold weather to learn the elements of enterprise

The Young Enterprise scheme has inspired and created talent in a far more practical way than Lord Sugar could ever hope to achieve

The hustle and bustle of the market.

The disorder and confusion of people surrounding the precise placement of products on stalls.

This is market day… but not just any market day.

As blurry-eyed teenagers collect round their wares, like flocks of penguins huddling to keep the winter wind off the young, the season for the Croydon Young Enterprise trade fairs begins. North End, Surrey Street Market, shopping centres, and schools are all locations of choice for selling.

For these young entrepreneurs, their first experience of selling and running a business is often cold, damp, and challenging.

These groups of teens, who have formed companies of about 12-15 members at the beginning of the year, persevere; to source, make, then market and then sell their products to the Croydon and South London public.

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