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Supporting enterprising minds in Plymouth

Business leaders of tomorrow, achieving a great deal today!

THE Young Enterprise Programme for 2013/2014 is about to start rolling again with an even greater momentum than last year.

For the second year Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, whose members and staff consist of some Young Enterprise alumni, will be supporting the project, recognising the importance of developing the employability skills and honing the commercial acumen of our young people.

These are the business leaders of tomorrow, achieving a great deal today!

The scheme successfully engages schools and the business community and not only does it benefit budding entrepreneurs, but assists in developing well rounded teams with the commercial skills which will be so necessary post education.

Certainly natural leaders are identified, but leaders and managers need those who flesh out the ideas, develop strategies and actually deliver. All of this is achieved through the programme.

Young Enterprise really engages school attendees, they become enthused and more fully understand the relevance of their studies and how they will impact on their lives after school.

Students set up and run a real firm for a year under the guidance of a business volunteer. They get practical experience of the joys and pitfalls of creating a truly functioning enterprise.

The teams do everything from raising the initial share capital, designing and making their product or service to selling directly to customers at specially organised trade fairs and ultimately winding up the firm and paying their taxes!

This renowned programme has been running since 1963 and in that time a million 15-19 year olds have taken part. Apart from delivering aspects of work-related learning under the National Curriculum, independent research shows it helps develop key skills that enhance young people’s employability and enterprise capabilities.

The teams will again be able to showcase their products and services at two trade fairs in the City Centre, the second of which is part of the three stage adjudication process which will culminate in three evenings of presentations before a panel of judges before an overall winner is announced.

Last year the overall winners were a joint team from DHSG and DHSB whose products were focussed around promoting Plymouth through local artists including one of their own students who painted live in the centre of town at the Spring Trade Fair. Their products were hand designed and focussed on all that is good about the City.

Young Enterprise not only provides a vehicle for our business community of the future to learn from today’s leaders, it also allows us to shout about all that is good in our schools, our businesses and our City as a whole.

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