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It all adds up for Newport businessman Chris Taylor aiming to invest in the financial skills of pupils at his former school

FORMER Duffryn student Chris Taylor is ensuring his former school is the business after helping to sign them up to a highly regarded enterprise programme.

Chris, a director at financial business Kymin, based in Bridge Street, Newport, has invested time and effort to get Duffryn School involved in the Young Enterprise.

Chris, who is on the board of Newport and Monmouthshire Young Enterprise, was keen to see his former school take part in the programme.

Chris said: “Both Robin Hall, Kymin managing director, and myself are former pupils at Duffryn School. When we joined the board of the Young Enterprise, Newport and Monmouthshire, we were dismayed to discover that our former school hadn’t taken part in a YE programme for many years and we were determined, there and then, to see if we could get that situation changed.

“We’re both well aware of the enormous benefits young people get from being involved in Young Enterprise and wanted our old school to reap some these rewards benefits for their pupils.”

Chris got in contact with the school, and after meetings, some with James Rees, head of business, the school and eager pupils were signed up to the programme.

Chris said: “The response from the pupils has been so great that they had sixty wanting to join the programme. The school has now had to initiate an entry test to get that number down to a more manageable number between 12 and 20. I’ve offered to help them to achieve their aim.”

Kymin has also offered the use of its city centre boardroom and also to do presentations to years 9, 10 and 11 on the changes to the financial services industry as this is a topic the school students have been studying.


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