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The benefits of being a mentor – law firm DWF tells it like it is

photo- DWF Teambuilding Session 2013

Liverpool John Moores students and DWP mentors discuss teambuilding and networking

Students from Liverpool John Moores University took part in a teambuilding and networking session run for them by the national law firm DWF on the 2nd October.

Trainee solicitor Lauren Murphy was one of the volunteers on the day.

“Being a mentor on the Young Enterprise scheme is a fantastic experience. You’re given the opportunity to work closely with the students, providing guidance and support throughout the year as they explore and grow their business ideas.

“It is extremely rewarding to see how the businesses and the students themselves develop and achieve some great results.

“Not only does your contribution as a mentor help the students, you also have the chance to develop your own communication and presentation skills and have the opportunity to expand your business connections as you get to know the other mentors and indeed the new commercial enterprises created by the students.

“I would highly recommend getting involved in the Young Enterprise scheme to anyone who would like to help develop the next generation of young entrepreneurs.”

Solicitor Andrew McGregor, from Litigation and Commercial Litigation, said: “DWF LLP is committed to its strong values; People, Community, Environment and Clients. The relationship that the firm enjoys with Young Enterprise helps us live each of those values.

“Young Enterprise is a fantastic charity which delivers support to a range of young people helping develop employability and an entrepreneurial flair at a young age.

“DWF is proud to support Young Enterprise in this regard and at the same time develop our own people’s skills.”