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Employers want you to tell them your story

Insightful evening last night, with Kerry from Young Enterprise. We learned that employers want you to:

#1: Own your story! Your CV only gets looked at for an average of 7 seconds. Focus your energy on how you present your story in other ways. Ask yourself, why me, why this, why now? Be vocal about your accomplishments and show confidence in your abilities. Lastly, don’t forget about your transferable skills, even a hobby could help put your foot in the door.

Kerry from Young Enterprise – “I met a young man who told me he’d won a ping-pong championship at 15. This showed me that he was determined and liked challenges.”

Gosbert from Backr – “Be on the front foot with your strengths, and what you care about. Challenge what you think of as weaknesses. For example, stepping off the work ladder to care for a family member takes guts, compassion and resilience.”

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