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How to fix youth unemployment: Young Enterprise Chief Executive letter in Daily Telegraph

Young Enterprise Chief Executive's powerful call to end skills shortage

Our Chief Executive has a letter about Young Enterprise on page 27 of today’s Daily Telegraph.

learning by doing letterMichael Mercieca (pictured above right) writes: “Sir – The figure for young people failing to find work remains stubbornly high at one million.

“Unless you fix the pipeline of students leaving school with inadequate skills, youth unemployment is never going to go away. Companies are told that it is vital to employ young people, yet when they hold interviews they discover that the potential recruits are not equipped for the jobs.

“The national curriculum focuses too much on academic knowledge. Young people therefore miss out on the full range of skills they need to get their first job.

“Education must now evolve to allow students to interact with the world around them. Let them create and learn from their own mistakes. Let them run their own enterprise. Let them learn by doing.

“If the Government and more businesses invested in enterprise education, it would be one of the highest-return investments we in Britain could make. It would create jobs and wealth, and sustainably save the stress and distress of youth unemployment.”