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Ed Miliband: Young Enterprise is “incredibly important”

real radio frequencyEd Miliband told the huge 385,000 audience of Real Radio, the independent station in Yorkshire,  of his support for Young Enterprise.

He said encouraging the next generation to become involved in bsuiness was crucial.  The Labour leader spoke as he visited Ridgewood Comprehensive School in his Doncaster constituency to launch the Company Programme.

Mr Miliband chatted to a number of pupils taking part in the programme this year and met participants in last year’s echeme including the Company Programme team Ay Up Duck, which promotes Yorkshire’s heritage.

Asked how important Young Enterprise’s programmes were he said: “I think they are incredibly important and you can see from the successful project that there was last year that it really inspires the young people and it is not just about enterprise of course it is al;so about teamwork and ingenuity.”

Ed speaks to reporters at Ridgewood school (pictured right) 

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