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Research: Britain has one of the world’s best education systems – so how come a million young people are struggling to find work?

Packed House of Commons event hears how young people lack key "employability" skills


Adam Afriyie MP hosted an event held to unveil the research at the Houses of Parliament

If the UK education system  is one of the best in the world – and according to all respected international measures it is – why do we have one million young jobless?

We at Young Enterprise decided to look very seriously at this question. We wanted to get a precise fix on what skills students lack and what the impact of our work is on the problem.

What emerges is a profound sense that there is sometimes too much focus on teaching facts “at” young people and testing them and not enough at giving young people the chance to discover their own hidden talents.

To delve further into the question we commissioned some intensive research from Opinium Research and Kingston University’s Small Business Unit in collaboration with the highly respected Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.


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