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Serial entrepreneur inspires Start Up students in Chester

Cheshire-based serial entrepreneur Jonathan Faber visited the University of Chester as part of the Young Enterprise Start Up programme on October 29th.

Jonathan delivered a rich and valuable guest lecture on a range of topics appropriate to start ups, from networking to seed funding to creative thinking within business.

This is part of a series of sessions led by industry partners at the University of Chester, adding huge value to the business enterprise module. Five new organisations have been setup at the University in the past month, with the first up, running and trading.

Jonathan, who has previously setup and sold several organisations such as Paysurf Ltd, Tatton TV, Knutsford Times and Pressglue is now about to begin a new venture Zeencastr. This is an approved digital partner for analogue publishers, coordinating conversion of established print titles into digital magazines and dynamic news services with content support.

Jonathan said: “What a great morning. Fantastic to see so many Young Enterprise start-ups making their way into the world. One team in particular had taken their idea and started making money.

“It was pretty awesome to see that they had recognised a market, how to broker products effectively, had recouped their initial investment and were poised to take some real money in only one month.

“That alone was truly inspiring. Other teams were still booting their main ideas around and shaping their businesses but all were enthusiastic, ready to pitch and just go for it!”