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Kenyon Fraser leads Start Up session at Liverpool Hope University


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On Wednesday 13th November Young Enterprise partnered with acclaimed integrated PR, commercial & social marketing agency Keynon Fraser. Creative Director Davide De Maestri led an informed session on marketing and branding at Liverpool Hope University as part of the Start Up Programme.

Davide, ex Marketing Director at Sachi Sachi and Liverpool Football Club led a guest lecture session with over 75 students and 10 new businesses.

The day was exceptionally well received and key messages included brand identity and audience identification. The session was incorporated into a within module curriculum, from students working on a variety of degree courses.

Tony Bradley, Director, SEED/ Lecturer in Societal Entrepreneurship at Liverpool Hope Business School said: “The real value of bringing together more formal and informal learning approaches through Young Enterprise is that it makes connections for the students.

“In a Business School like LHBS we are always looking to create scenario-based learning.  So, to merge what may seem more ‘academic’ with the work and life experience of ‘practitioners’ is always incredibly important.  Of course, what usually happens is that the boundaries get crossed-over, the approaches merge and the students discover a more coherent message.

“Academics need to be practitioners and practical business people need to reflect through the lens of theory.  Young Enterprise provides a uniquely purposeful context in which this integration can take place – and that is invaluable.”

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