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Young Enterprise at Bramhall High School

Fifteen students create a company called InSync


Bramhall Hall, near Stockport

Once again Bramhall High School students are participating in the Young Enterprise educational scheme and are looking for sponsorship from local businesses.  This year 15 students are taking part and have called themselves “InSync”.


This letter is to introduce you to our new local Young Enterprise business “InSync” from Bramhall High School. Young Enterprise is a nationally recognised educational charity, which gives the opportunity to young students to start and run their own business. As a part of this learning programme, the Year 11 students from Bramhall High school have set up their own business and seek your support to succeed in future.

We are inviting the businesses in Bramhall to sponsor our team. This would not only be an opportunity for us to work with businesses in our locality, but also a way in which we can promote and create awareness about your business. We have several strategies by which we hope to link your name with us. As we progress through this programme, we are going to be selling our unique products at several markets across Stockport and Manchester.

We are going to be setting up our own stalls where we would advertise ourselves as well as you by having your logo and leaflets on our banners and stall; in the process making thousands of people aware of your business. As this programme is also a competition, we are going to perform in front of esteemed judges and participators from across the country and we promise to have your name and logo as a part of our presentation at each level. We are also designing our own official website at the moment, where we look forward to add a link to your business and website, directing our customers to you.

Currently we are working on our fundraising product. For this purpose, we are organising a Christmas card making competition across Bramhall High School and primary schools in Bramhall.

The children have to design their own card related to the theme of Bramhall and Christmas. Out of all the entries we are going to select best ones and publish them on large scale through professional manufacturers. These cards will be sold at different Christmas markets in Bramhall and Manchester with the name of the designer.

However if you wish to join us as a sponsor, we are also willing to include your name and logo at the back of the each card. This will ensure that your business reaches all of those hundreds of people living all around Bramhall and the surrounding area.

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