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Miles Staples Agency displays Save a Lost Generation photography

Creative team behind powerful Young Enterprise poster campaign feature images


Adam and Paul

The creative agency that helped to launch Young Enterprise’s powerful Save a Lost Generation campaign have featured the images on their new site.

Adam Staples and Paul Miles have worked across an array of disciplines in some of London’s best advertising agencies. As a creative team of 14 years they’ve created award-winning work across a diverse cross‑section of brands.

During this time they’ve produced communications across an array of different media platforms. All along, adhering to a rule that is born out of what makes all great advertising successful…’Simplicity’.

They shot the six compelling images of almost apocalyptic intensity that formed the basis for our campaign to persuade companies to fund the UK’s biggest enterprise education charity.

Their wealth of experience is now being channelled through milesstaples advertising. Producing solutions for small boutique agencies to large worldwide networks and also direct to client.

trainy station-tiff

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