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Media savvy student winners get a taste of life on a national newspaper

Students from Offbeat Records, who won the Telegraph Media Award at the 2013 UK Finals, spent the morning at the prestigious offices of the Telegraph Media Group on November 25th.

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Offbeat Records survey the Telegraph newsroom

The Group’s Head of Video, James Weeks, showed the team around the newsroom, video and post production suites and showed the group the experience room – featuring an interactive table and live updates on the Telegraph’s online performance across the globe.

Offbeat’s MD Robert Gall said: “Today was very interesting. We got to see something here that most people will never see. It’s a surprisingly massive building with a lot going on.”

Off Beat, who turned vinyl records into bowls and clocks, have continued their business into their final year of school.

Robert continued: “Young Enterprise has given me an insight into the world of business and it does make starting up my own business something that I’m more likely to do in the future – definitely.”

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The impressive experience table

The group were accompanied by Young Enterprise Manager for Bristol, Bath, and North Somerset Caroline Tarbuck.

Caroline said: “They’ve had a fantastic day today. It’s given them a really good experience just to see the workings of a newspaper –especially for a couple of them who may go into the communication or video field.”

She continued: “They’re very motivated, coming from a slow start which is great.

“They felt from that slow start they had to speed up and get something in mind, and once that idea was in place they really went gung ho at it and realised it was something they could get really good things from.

“They’re a very engaged team.”

The video was produced by fellow student Charlie Battin. See more about his video projects here.

And here’s their winning video!