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 In November 2013 the English Speaking Board ran a guest lecture at Edge Hill University.

Experienced professionals spoke to eight new business ventures and over 80 students on how to successfully deliver effective presentations. The English Speaking Board is a national awarding organisation offering qualifications focused on communication skills at school, colleges and throughout life.


Second year Graduate Enterprise students from the Business School and Computing Department picked up essential presentation skills from the English Speaking Board (ESB).  Through an arrangement with Young Enterprise the students were able to demonstrate how effective communication is so essential in all aspects of running a small business.

Sue Murrin-Bailey, Module Leader for Graduate Enterprise at Edge Hill University said: “The Managing Directors of each of our eight teams were challenged to stand and deliver in front of all their peers on subjects suggested by Denise Bryan and Alison Coates from ESB.

“They had to keep speaking without hesitation or repetition for one minute each.  They did a fantastic job and really showed that they have the skills to carry this forward into any situation.

“Teams were then given a product to create a one minute ad, ensuring that the messages around the product were fully covered.  Again, brilliant team work and ideas flowed and both students and staff at Edge Hill University wish to thank ESB for such an innovative and interactive session.”

The students now have to pitch their ideas at a Dragon’s Den next week where all these skills will be put into action – sadly the Dragons don’t come with cash but plenty of relevant business advice.


Students will also shortly be academically assessed by being asked to produce ten minute presentation investment proposal pitches about their new businesses.

Young Enterprise hopes very much that this relationship can build with the English Speaking Board so that potentially all universities involved with Young Enterprise can access the skills and experience of this well respected organisation.

Denise Bryan, Marketing Manager at ESB said: “We’re delighted to be supporting Young Enterprise.  The Young Enterprise University Start Up Programme offers students relevant practical experience, giving them the confidence and self-esteem to succeed in life.

“We were pleased to give an “Effective Communication” workshop to Edge Hill University students and help the students improve their ability to express their own thoughts, interests and opinions freely and with confidence. The ability to explain ideas to an audience and respond appropriately to questions are vital skills for employers today.”

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